Intricate colours of life

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

We are familiar with different forms of art such as painting, dancing, literature, etc., and the most interesting form of art is painting which express the real and fantasy in a beautiful way. Mural painting is an important and traditional type of painting. Mural is a form of art which is directly applied on wall, ceiling or other permanent surfaces. These paintings are done on a specific theme related to the spaces. Since late 19th century there was a way of creating some wall paintings on large canvases and attached to the wall.

The mural art has an old history of since 1600BC. Many ancient murals are found within ancient Egyptian tombs, the Minoan tombs, oxtotitan caves, etc., During middle ages murals were executed on dry plaster (secco). In kerala there is a huge collection of secco's which are dated in 14th century. The mural art got more familiar in the modern times by Mexican muralism.

Mural art has different styles and techniques. Among those the most well known is fresco, which uses water-soluble paints with damp lime wash, the other method is maroufauge.

Today murals are painted in different ways using oil or water based media. Also today the murals are done on poster paper or canvas and pasted on wall surface. A special type of mural painting is luftlmalerei, which can be found in mittenwald, garmich are examples of such facade designs in 18th and 19th century. This art forms is also still used in some villages of Alpine valleys.

The materials used for this paintings varies from place and time.

In Greco Roman times, mostly encausic colours applied in a cold state were applied form of mural painting is tempera painting in which the medium used is albuminous such as egg yolk or egg white diluted in water. By 16th century in Europe, oil painting on canvases, were found easier for mural painting.

Different muralist becomes experts in their preferred medium and application, as alternative to hand-printed or air brushed murals digitally printed murals can also be applied on surfaces. The digital techniques are commonly used in advertisements. The disadvantages of these ones are size restriction, they are mass produced and lack the allure and exclusively of original artwork.